H.E.R. Delivers “Wrong Places” Following “Songland” Debut


It’s pretty much a given at this point that every single record H.E.R. will drop is fire. The latest, “Wrong Places,” was first debuted by H.E.R. as part of the NBC songwriting competition series, Songland, which basically allows undiscovered, up and coming songwriters to attempt to write a hit for a big artist.

Coming into the show, H.E.R. knew exactly what type of record she wanted to come away with: “I want to hear something that somebody has written from the heart, something I know is gonna make me feel something. My sound is so many things. It’s definitely emotional. Sometimes it’s a lecture. It’s R&B at the core, but it’s so many other things.”

“Wrong Places” by Raquel Castro eventually took the cake, and now we’ve got the record available across DSPs. In a similar vein to previous H.E.R. arrangement, the production features the soothing sounds of an acoustic guitar, which eventually forms an hypnotic loop playing in the background of the beat. Meanwhile, H.E.R. lays her love life bare.

Listen to the record and let us know what you think. Find our favorite r’n’b jams all together on one playlist (including “Wrong Places”) on our Spotify playlist here.

Quotable Lyrics

I was once told I’m too young to settle
But age ain’t a thing, I’m just too sentimental
Looking for someone to write all the words to my instrumental
And if I give you my heart, promise you’ll be gentle

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/her-delivers-wrong-places-following-songland-debut-new-song.1987031.html

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