Hardo & J.I.D. Trade Savage Verses On “Hurry Up & Buy”


Hardo might be one of the game’s best kept-secrets right now, though his new album Days Inn might go a long way in bringing more attention to the Pittsburgh lyricist. While the album is lined with hard-hitting tracks, one of the notable highlights arrives with “Hurry Up And Buy,” a collaboration with Dreamville’s own J.I.D — in fine form, as expected. Taking to a slick guitar-driven instrumental from Christo, the mind who laced some DiCaprio 2 highlights, Hardo sets it off with a scathing verse.

“Listen, I get it details, got pills, no D12,” he raps, weaving his bars in a relentless fashion. “I send the Gs mail, some hit the e-mail, got coke on presale.” J.I.D. picks up where Hardo left off, matching his intensity with a dexterous and menacing verse. “Bangin’ that thing, thing til my wrist sprained, maintain, ring janglin’, janglin’ / When I swing the thing she like Danke schön,” he spits, his linguistics aquatic. “Pad pen all the pain, rap game daddy-daughter day.”

Be sure to check out the full song now, and sound off — is this track enough to put Hardo on your radar?


Choppers that spray vest, killers that stay fresh
My shoes from Saks Fifth, them bricks, I pay less
My hoes got access, I’m from those spots, where it’s real action
Break work infractions, I gotta get it, no relaxin’
Listen, I get it details, got pills, no D12

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/hardo-and-jid-trade-savage-verses-on-hurry-up-and-buy-new-song.1987010.html

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