Harvey Weinstein Is Going Blind & Losing Teeth In Jail: Report


Disgraced television and film producer Harvey Weinstein’s health is reportedly failing him behind bars. According to his legal team, Weinstein, who has been indicted on sexual assault charges in Los Angeles, has lost four teeth while in jail and he is also reportedly technically blind.

The 69-year-old wasn’t in tremendous shape before his arrest at the height of the #MeToo movement a few years ago. However, it’s reportedly been on the decline in recent months, with his legal team alleging that he’s lost teeth and sight. Appearing for a court hearing via video call, Weinstein and his attorneys argued against him being sent to L.A. for his present indictment, citing “humanitarian” reasons as the producer’s health has been in the dumps. Weinstein’s attorney Norman Effman said that his client is technically blind and has said goodbye to four of his teeth. He’s also reportedly in danger of losing more. Weinstein is reportedly scheduled for two upcoming medical procedures in New York: one for his sight and the other for his dental hygiene.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

In addition to these latest health issues, Weinstein is reportedly still suffering from cardiac problems, diabetes, back pain, and sleep apnea. His attorneys are fighting for him to remain in a medical unit in New Unit, where he’s serving his sentence for rape.

What do you make of the latest health reports on Harvey Weinstein?

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