Havoc Believes He Would Hold Up Against Any Producer In A Battle


Havoc has plenty of faith in his catalogue of hits, as he told Swizz Beatz he wouldn’t be afraid of whichever producer they put him up against since nobody would be able to “destroy” him in a battle. The Mobb Deep rapper and producer reached out to Swizz in order to get involved with his and Timbaland’s insanely popular Verzuz series, which has been keeping tons of people entertained during quarantine. The series, which has seen tons of legendary producers, songwriters, and rappers face off in a battle of their greatest hits, has been a source of joy for many hip hop and R&B fans during these dark times, and Havoc wants to get in on the action.

Havoc battle Verzuz Swizz Beatz Instagram live producer Timbaland Alchemist Mobb DeepJohn Sciulli/Getty Images for VH1/Viacom

“I just hit up Swizz, I sent him my list,” he revealed. “Now I said, ‘Swizz, I’ll battle anybody you put me against.’ He said, ‘I bet.’ I said, ‘I’ll be waiting,’ and he said, ‘I’m going to do it ASAP.’ So look for that.” He went on to explain why he’s not afraid to take on any producer that’s thrown his way, whether it be his longtime collaborator, Alchemist, previous Verzuz champion, RZA, or a newcomer like Metro Boomin.

“You could put me up against anybody and I’m not going to get destroyed,” he explained. “I believe that in my heart. I could definitely hang in there with the best of them. And yeah, I was going to say [RZA] but I didn’t want to get beside myself, but I would take him on. I’m willing to lose just because.” Swizz seemingly implied that Havoc was already on the roster for a future battle with one of the aforementioned beatmakers during an Instagram live session on Saturday (April 18th) with Timbo. Swizz responded to Alchemist’s lighthearted jab about Swizz in the comments by telling him, “you just focus on Havoc.”

Would you be down to watch Havoc vs. Alchemist? Or is there somebody else you’d want to see Havoc battle even more?


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