Hazel-E Questions If Kanye West’s Mother Had Support Following Deadly Surgery


In November 2007, Kanye West’s world was rocked when his mother unexpectedly passed away following a breast reduction surgery. The day prior, Donda West underwent cosmetic surgery and a medical examiner later ruled her cause of death as “coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty.” West’s tragic death caused a conversation about the dangers of going under the knife, and Hazel-E is questioning if Ye’s mother had someone by her side.

Recently, reality star Hazel-E shared a tearful video where she detailed a frightening surgery that she had in Turkey. Hazel explained that after giving birth, she wanted to get a “mommy makeover” but things went terribly wrong. 

“They had to take my boobs. Now I just got to a new hospital because I’m getting a blood transfusion,” she said about having her breast implants removed. Her video quickly went viral and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi Boyd later shared she regretted recommending the surgeon.

She’s received support through her recovery but on Friday (April 16), she brought up Donda West’s procedure. “I wonder did Kanye West mom have anyone with her when she went out of the country for plastic surgery?” questioned Hazel before she handed out advice. “Rest her soul [praying hands emoji]. Please never go alone always have someone to advocate for you.”

“And always have someone by your side during your recovery. It ain’t easy.” Check out her posts below, including an “official statement” about her ordeal.