HBO’s “McMillions” Dives Into The McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam: Watch The Trailer


Fast food fraud isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when many people think of multi-million dollar crime rings. However, one man, Jerry Jacobson, also known under the moniker of ‘Uncle Jerry,’ was able to single-handedly scam the entire world for over a decade in a debacle now known as the McDonald’s Monopoly game scam.

HBO has produced a six-part docuseries entitled, McMillions (2020), directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte detailing the events that took place when former-police officer turned security auditor, Jerry Jacobson, concocted a plan to privately sell winning McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces to a network of psychics, strip-club owners, convicts, drug traffickers, mobsters, and members of the Mormon church funneling approximately $24 million in cash and prizes into the hands of thieves willing to pay.  

After McDonald’s ran the Monopoly game from 1987 and 2001 with winners of grand prizes of $1 million and new cars coming far and few between the FBI became suspicious which led them down a rabbit hole investigation that led them directly to the now-notorious McDonald’s Monopoly gangster known as Uncle Jerry. 

The HBO docuseries will walk viewers through the stories of the investigation, the McDonald’s corporate executives who helped defraud the scam, the prize-receivers, culprits, lawyers, and the tale of the man who worked for the production company that produced and sold the winning pieces. 

McMillions is set to premiere exclusively on HBO, February 3rd. Check out the trailer to the bizarre docuseries in the video provided below. 


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