Heavily Armed Unidentified Prison Agents Seen Patrolling DC


Over the past week, people all across the United States have been protesting the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The demands are clear at this point. The vast majority of people want an end to police brutality and a significant defunding of police forces that don’t serve their community in non-violent ways. Republican lawmakers, including the President, have been wary of these protests and have called for increased police and military forces in their respective states.

Washington, DC has seen quite a bit of action in regards to these protests, and recently, it was reported that heavily armed unidentified guards have been all over the city. Journalists repeatedly asked these guards who they were and who they were with but refused to give details. Eventually, some reporters figured out that the men were prison agents from the Bureau of Prisons.

Many weren’t wearing their BOP insignias and according to the bureau, this was because their mission was outside of the confines of the prison system. For those who don’t know, prison agents are armed guards who typically step in when there are prison riots or fights within the institutions.

With this in mind, stay safe out there as there are plenty of authorities hovering around with advanced weaponry. It’s clear that extreme measures are being taken.


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