Here’s The Funniest Tweets Of Christmas 2019


Twitter always finds a way to make everything and anything hilarious. Even the most sensitive topics find their way into the platform, only to become the butt of the joke. And we have seen this all throughout the year which means the holiday season is not exempt. With yesterday being Christmas Day, we could only expect Twitter to find a way to make light of this too. You may have noticed that both Lori Harvey and Future were the designated celebrities to be center of a hilarious meme portraying the potential texts from exes one could get. 

Indeed, many users utilized the celebrities to caption the now-viral photo with comical feedback like “Hope you are well” to “Thought I would be spending Christmas Day with you, thinking of you. Happy holidays” and all the other similar things ex-flames would say to lure you back in. Other Twitter users utilized this holiday to craft a slew of new Christmas Day clapbacks for out-of-line family members. Evidently, the Twitter community never disappoints and as such, we have decided to compile a few hilarious Christmas related tweets we spotted on the platform. Check out this compilation of hilarious tweets to bright up your day a little.


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