Hopsin Reveals His Top 5 Dead Or Alive


Hopsin is a rapper who clearly appreciates well-constructed lyricism and experimentation with flow. It’s evident in his own music, including his most recent release “Alone With Me,” in which he engages in a tormented inner battle. Between his open honesty and clear appreciation for rap as a craft, many have been intrigued to hear his thoughts on the Top 5 best rappers, dead or alive. In a recent interview with YouTube personality Stevie Knight, Hop opened up about his own list, naming a few artists who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. 


 Avalon/PYMCA/Gonzales Photo/Christian Larsen/Universal Images Group via Getty Image

Prefacing that it’s subject to change depending on his mood, he outlines the list as follows: Eminem, KXNG Crooked, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, and Ludacris. “Eminem, cause he’s just fuckin’ Eminem,” explains Hopsin, providing a bit of further context about his choices. “Crooked I, crazy flow. Crazy flow patterns, crazy cadences. To this day, unpredictable. If I could define Crooked I’s flow, it’s like Mayweather with the blocks and the hits, and Tyson’s punch as well.” He reiterates that Crook doesn’t get the credit he deserves, revealing that he’s been a dedicated student of the COB lyricist’s flow. 

“Busta Rhymes, man, his style is unmatched,” says Hop. Craziest style in hip-hop, period. Craziest sound and energy. There will never be another Busta Rhymes. Missy Elliott, the goofiness in me, the funkiness in me, there’s an element of Missy Elliott I’ve carried in my career. It comes out in the hype moments. I love Missy Elliott, she does things that are creatively free, and off-the-grid, unique. She forces you to like it, all the shit she ever puts out. It’s some real funky, free, shit.”

“I gotta give credit to Ludacris,” he continues. “There are so many Ludacris moments in my career. I have a song called ‘I Need Help.’ Sometimes I envision myself as Ludacris when I rap, it happens at random times. Ludacris has a style, especially in the earlier stages I was growing up listening to him, he was so unique. He had that deep voice, the emphasis he put on words. It was just dope man.” He cites “What’s Your Fantasy” as one of his favorite tracks, spitting some of Luda’s dexterous bars for good measure.

 Check out Hopsin’s breakdown of his Top 5 favorite rappers below, courtesy of Stevie Knight’s YouTube channel. Do you agree with some of his takes?