How To Generate Your Best Nine 2019 Instagram Photo Collage


2019 came and went in a flash, but social media will always be here to capture those moments that were fleeting. If you want to take a look back at 2019 and get your top liked photos in one collage, now there is a way. Much like last year, your feed is about to be filled with “Best Nine” Instagram collages of people living their best lives. Here’s how to make your own:

Go to on your phone and enter your Instagram user name (it must be public). After a few moments, the site will create a collage of the top nine photos you’ve posted throughout the year that have received the most likes. also tells users how many pictures you’ve posted on Instagram and the total amount of likes you got in 2019. Tap and hold on the picture to save it to your phone (which may require you to open the photo in new tab and then save). You can select “photo only version,” which will leave out the total stats for your 2019 posts as well. If you add the #2019BestNine hashtag to your photo prior to uploading, it will trend with the rest of your friends showing their best moments of the year. 


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