Ice Cube Files Lawsuit Against Robinhood For Unauthorized Use Of His Image


Ice Cube is among the many that aren’t feeling the free-trading app Robinhood, though his reason might be a bit different. According to TMZ, the legendary West Coast rapper filed a lawsuit against Robinhood who he accuses of using his image without authorization. The rapper claims that Robinhood used his image in an ad that was included in an advertisement in the Robinhood Snacks newsletter this past month and didn’t contact him to use the image. 

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Cube said that the company used an image of him from a separate project that he was working on and put it in Robinhood Snacks, along with a blurb about stock corrections. The advertisement also played off of Ice Cube’s “Check Yourself” lyrics, reading, “Correct yourself before your wreck yourself.” 

The rapper said using his image and likeness created a false perception that he was associated with his brand and endorsed it. He said that nothing could be further from the truth. In the lawsuit, it says that the financial service company is the “antithesis of everything that Ice Cube stands for.” Additionally, the service is described as “horrible.” 

In the legal documents, Cube suggested that Robinhood only tried to drag him into their newsletter as payback for his business partner Jeff Kwatinetz harsh criticism for them that he’s expressed both publicly and in the lawsuit.

No word on how much Ice Cube is seeking.