Ice-T Posts Meme From Pro-Trump Twitter Page, Faces Backlash


Ice-T is facing backlash online after sharing a meme from a Pro-Donald Trump conspiracy theory page. On Monday (December 30), the rapper/actor shared a tweet of an image of a fiery “Q “letter and a quote that reads, “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.” The quote is timeless, and has been around for possibly hundreds of years. That wasn’t what upset his fans though, it was the letter “Q” that got the Twitter fingers going. The “Q” stands for QAnon, which is a far-right conspiracy group that believes government forces have conspired against Donald Trump. Fans began to tweet confused or angry messages to Ice-T as soon as he shared the tweet.

“Hey ice t why did you just post a picture from the Qanon conspiracy. do you believe it?,” one user asked. Ice-T replied, “I have no idea what that is… I just liked the quote.”

Ice-T hit back to a flurry of angry tweets with “ATTENTION: If I post or say something YOU don’t like.. PLEASE unfollow..” That gained a response from one user of, “It’s not about someone liking something or not. It’s the fact that you (accidentally?) spread a QAnon conspiracy theory meme. Your celebrity status and blue check validates it regardless of how you feel about. It’s not about hating.” Ice-T responded, “EAT A DICK…” Although he was adamant about not deleting the original meme at first, Ice-T apparently took it down after being hounded online. Check out the back and forth below. 



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