Icewear Vezzo Taps Lil Durk For “Up The Sco”


Detroit and Chicago collided on a new single from Icewear Vezzo. The Motown emcee has been carefully cooking up his forthcoming release Rich Off Prints and the meticulous rollout continued at the top of Thursday (April 8) morning with “Up The Sco,” a single that features the Windy City’s Lil Durk. The two artists trade verses about street life and their come-up over slow-burning Rocaine production that has Icewear Vezzo’s fans excited about his next album.

Vezzo also delivered a message to anyone who feels as if their haters are getting in the way of their business moves. “1 thing about it can’t no n*gga , no b*tch , no hater , no opp , no fan , no entity , OR NOBODY stop or come in between nothing or any blessings God got for you,” the rapper recently wrote on Instagram. His followers were quick to add that they agreed. stream Icewear Vezzo’s “Up The Sco” featuring Lil Durk and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I was in the field, ain’t have no pot to piss in (Nah)
N*gga f*ck the competition they your opposition (They your opposition)
Five hunnid thousand just in the jewels, see them diamonds glisten (What?)