Iggy Azalea Explains Why She Won’t Join OnlyFans


Iggy Azalea loves to show off her body on social media. As she prepares her next studio album for release, she’s been focused on pushing her two new songs, “Sip It” with Tyga and “Brazil”. The rapper is known to shed some layers for Instagram, flaunting her famous derriere for her millions of followers, but when she was asked if she would ever consider joining an adult content creation service like OnlyFans, she explained that she’s not interested.

While that may come as a surprise to casual admirers of the 30-year-old Aussie rapper, Azalea explained why we’ll never see her join OnlyFans to make a quick bag.

“I think onlyfans can be really empowering for people, But I WILL NEVER, EVVVER join,” she wrote on Twitter. “I don’t want to make that type of content & it only f*cks up the bag for ppl on there who really bout that life. Shoutout to the baddies tho!!!!”

She went on to ask content creators on OnlyFans to send in their pages so she can promote their work, which she devoted the next few minutes to, giving a boost to sex workers making a buck on the platform. 

This week, Iggy Azalea exposed a decent number of thirsty creeps in her DMs, posting a TikTok where she went into her messages and shared some of the dirtiest ones from high-profile accounts. Some of the people messaging her had upwards of 27 million followers.


ha ha ha as if!?!?! 🙃 stay outta my DMs uglies.

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