ILoveMakonnen Delivers New Single “Whoopsy”


ILoveMakonnen has returned, on a Tuesday no less, with his brand new surprise album My Parade. And while fans are no doubt diving into the thirteen-track endeavor as we speak, one of the easy standouts happens to “Whoopsy,” which arrives complete with a trippy visualizer. With a playful chorus that seems entirely designed to captivate mass attention on TikTok, Makkonen navigates an uptempo instrumental with a pair of flex-heavy verses.

“I done spilled my whole fo on my motherfuckin’ Prada,” he raps, pushing his cadence into a cartoonishly arrogant state. “And that bitch still dancing on me ’cause she know I got them dollars / Throw it up in the sky, see me fuckin’ drive-by / in that purple lemonade, got you sippin’ hi-hi.” While it’s unlikely that many will find much intellectual stimulation with this one, there’s a simple charm in Makonnen’s bawdy approach that might resonate in certain circles. Do you think “Whoopsy” has the legs to give Makonnen a surge of momentum?


Hello baby, what you need?
I got that molly and that weed
Get your twerking on the pole
Get that money for next week
Send it all out of town, baby riding in the Cadillac
Said she got that pussy and I know that thing is very fat