ILoveMakonnen Says People “Discredit” His “Talents” & “Influence” Since Coming Out As Gay


It’s been a minute since we’ve had news about ILoveMakonnen and he’s coming in hot. The singer-rapper burst onto the scene with his breakout “Tuesday” that hosted a remix with a feature from Drake. The former OVO Sound artist was the next big thing on the block but in 2017, ILoveMakonnen said that Drizzy and his OVO crew threatened him. We haven’t received a project from the rapper in some time, but he resurfaced online to tweet about his place in the industry and the lack of respect he feels he deserves.

ILoveMakonnen, Drake, OVO, LGBTQIA, Gay
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty Images

“Why they love leaving me out of the 2014-2015 music talks now days, the shade the blogger girls and music sites be giving!!! Honey! Was I not there??” ILoveMakonnen questioned. “Is it cus I came out as gay? Since I came out as gay everyone has tried to discredit my music talents and originality and influence. I know y’all ashamed to say u was on a gay mans d*ck, but just keep it 100 since everyone so real nowadays.”

He added that it amuses him to see that “hip hop loves fashion brands made by gay men” but doesn’t embrace gay artists. “U confusing yourself.” ILoveMakonnen also tweeted, “Rappers be feeling confident bragging about being in gay designer brands and buying their so called girlfriend gay designer handbags but u don’t f*ck with music made by a gay man cus why?”

In discussions about LGBTQIA+ artists in the Rap industry, some have argued that fans are becoming much more accepting than past generations. However, others believe we have a long way to go. Do you think ILoveMakonnen was edged out due to his sexuality? Swipe below to check out his tweets.