Indiana Police Search For Man With “Crime Pays” Face Tat, Freddie Gibbs Reacts


38-year-old Donald Murray was allegedly involved in a high-speed chase with Terre Haute, Indiana police last week. On Friday night (Nov. 29), police were trying to pull Murray over for driving a car without lights when he refused to cooperate and they went after him. Murray eventually crashed into a tree, forcing him to flee on foot. He left behind a passenger in the car who claimed that he did not know the suspect’s name. Murray’s name was determined after descriptions of his appearance were provided on the Live PD television show.

People were likely able to identify him due to his noteworthy appearance. Murray has a boldfaced tattoo across his forehead that reads “CRIME PAYS”. Once his name was entered in the system, a previous mugshot was pulled up. The photo was shared on social media to inform people to be on the lookout, but so far, it seems to have only attracted jokes. 

Freddie Gibbs saw the headline as an opportunity for album promo, as his most-recent collaborative project with Madlib, Bandana, features a song titled “Crime Pays”. Gibbs tweeted a photo of the suspect, but his version appears to have been tampered with because Murray is seen with a Quasimoto tattoo, who is Madlib’s animated alter-ego. 


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