Infamous Flyers Mascot, Gritty, Accused Of Punching Young Fan


Back in 2018, the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League made waves when they introduced their mascot Gritty to the world. Gritty became a social media sensation thanks to his bizarre orange look that had children scared and Twitter dwellers hysterical. Over the past year, Gritty has become incredibly popular in Philadelphia although now, the mascot is being investigated by police over an alleged incident that happened with a fan.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Gritty punched a 13-year-old fan in the back during a meet-and-greet event. As the story goes, Brandon Greenwell touched the mascot’s head and that’s when Gritty ran after the child and punched them in the back. The Greenwells and the Flyers have yet to reach a settlement so now, Greenwell’s father is taking the incident to police and it is now being investigated.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The Flyers are claiming there were no witnesses and that they have conducted an investigation of their own. An apology was sent to the Greenwell family and they were offered a way to remedy the situation. For now, it seems as though the Greenwells are unhappy with the Flyers’ response and that’s why the authorities are involved.

Perhaps a police investigation can give both sides the closure they need. We’re sure all of Gritty Mafia is going through a tough time right now.


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