Instagram Gallery: Ari Lennox Radiating Confidence


The “Shea Butter Baby” Ari Lennox just turned 30-years old the other week, and she quickly sent social media in a frenzy with her birthday pics looking as gorgeous as ever, but this is not the first time the general public has been completely mesmerized by her beauty, and rightfully so.  

During the pandemic, Ari has kept herself busy working on new music and entertaining smaller clubs with her Crown Royal partnership as she told us in a recent interview. She also earned her first platinum plaque the other month, for the aforementioned “Shea Butter Baby” record with J. Cole. 

The “BMO” singer seems to be completely living her best life while feeding fans with music sparingly. In September 2020, Ari released her steamy single “Chocolate Pomegranate,” and fans have been anticipating her next release, which she hinted is on the way in early of March this year. 

In the meantime, we can marvel at her best Instagram moments and enjoy the confidence oozing from her posts.

ari lennox

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Beach Babe

Ari rocks a gorgeous Stella bikini giving ultimate island girl realness.

Pretty In Pink

Nails done, hair done, everything did!

Aesthetic Queen

The caption says it all.

Chocolate Pomegranate

The single’s promo photos were a moment.

Natural Beauty

Ari’s signature curls are a fan favorite look for her.

Bonafide Love

But the Heaux Tales singer can definitely rock long, straight hair too– clearly.

Sun Kissed

A baddie with no makeup.

Shea Butter Baby

 A modern-day princess in her green mini dress. 

Aries Baby

The R&B star welcomed her season in a cute red bikini.

Car Selfie

“A chocolate pomegranate, come live in this truth.”