Instagram Gallery: Chrissy Teigen’s Funniest IG Posts


With Chrissy Teigen, what you see on social media is what you get. A far cry from the carefully curated online presence of her A-list peers, Teigen offers fans a largely unfiltered glimpse into her life shared with hubby John Legend and their two children, Luna and Miles. Not afraid of discussing everything from politics to her own struggle with postpartum depression, Teigen wears her blocked-by-President-Trump status like a badge of honor, proud to be outspoken in an industry that often celebrates conformity. Warmly approachable despite her millionaire, Sports Illustrated cover star status, Teigen has earned an impressive social media following all her own. 

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Despite seemingly unbothered by the toxic negativity that flows through a landscape populated by Instagram thots and trolls, Teigen is also quick to remind her fans that words have weight – even if they’re delivered from behind the anonymity of a keyboard. “Sometimes I will scroll through [comments] and I will just keep reading and reading the positive ones until I find something negative. And then I’ll stop, and I’ll be mad,” Teigen admits. “Or sad. And I’m like, ‘Why did I keep going? There’s no point in that.’ There’s always going to be that person, no matter whose page you go to. The women I love and look up to have that s**t, too… It’s funny when everyone thinks you’re so tough and things just roll off your back and you don’t care,” she continues. “It’s good to care. I think you should want to be a respected, liked person. And it sucks when people don’t like you. It makes you realize the power words have.”

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Teigen strives to keep it real with each and every post she delivers. For the ultimate collection of her funniest social media uploads, check out the Instagram gallery below. 


Some celebs notice killer cheekbones or photoshopped curves, but not Chrissy Teigen. She’s more concerned with the appearance of an edited cornish game hen popping up between herself and John Legend. 

Diaper Check 

Don’t even think about mom-shaming Teigen. 


Yes, Teigen has money. Yes, she vacations. Deal with it. 

Arms Up 

In this pic, Teigen was lactating and proud of it. 



What an honor. Thank you to our fans and future sex partners – we couldn’t do it without you,” captions Teigen alongside a tabloid still of a fan quiz naming herself and hubby John Legend as top prospective threesome participants. 

“Legs Go All The Way Up” Girl 

Teigen is proud of her meme-ified status as an Internet darling. 

Presidential Block 

Teigen is proud of her ongoing tiff with President Trump. 


“This burrito is like those rats that survive nuclear attacks,” writes Teigen, unashamed of the size of her dinner. 


It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno – Chrissy Teigen? 


“I never post myself because no one in my family takes pics of me,” captions Teigen alongside a nighttime selfie featuring a silver face mask. 


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