Instagram’s Working On Bringing The DM Feature To Your Desktop


While Instagram has seemingly succeeded at most other features on the platform – introducing TV, getting users addicted and the ability to make money – there’s one aspect they have yet to add to the masses. Sliding into the DM of your friend, crush or favorite celebrity happens almost very minute and those who do it the most have probably noticed that you can only do it on the mobile app as opposed to the desktop view.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images 

The new year has brought on a new update to the app since according to The Verge, the ability to DM another account is soon making its way to the desktop. According to the publication, only a “small percentage” of users have the ability to so right now until the accessibility is perfect to roll out to all users. The desktop version will still include all the aspects of the mobile with the ability to double-tap to like a message, create groups, send images from your desktop and see all unread messages. 

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (who now owns Instagram) previously told The New York Times that private messaging, groups and stories are the “three fastest-growing areas of online communication.” It only makes sense that Instagram wants its users to be able to have all three on any given electronic of their choice. 


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