Introducing The Winner’s Circle: The Publishing Group Behind The Biggest Hits


It’s truly the producers who are running the rap game right now and Winner’s Circle Publishing has claimed a large stake in that. If you’ve heard songs like Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” or Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes,” then you’ve definitely heard of them. Based out of Atlanta, the powerhouse of producers have been providing hit after hit over the past few years with RIAA plaques to show for it. Aside from production services, they’re focused on publishing, management, and soon enough, mixing and mastering services.

The company was founded by Kash Johns who spent part of his early years producing for Dipset. But it was his passion for production is that led him deeper into the business side. He earned a business degree and launched WCP which is currently administered by Warner/Chappell.

The roster houses both artists and producers with a roster that includes 24 members. It’s a major growth since gaining their first client Go Grizzly in 2015. Grizzly’s had a firm grip on the rap game, producing tracks such as “You Da Baddest” from Future and Nicki. The growth of their roster included the addition of David Sava6e (Meek Mill, Chris Brown, 21 Savage), Hood Famous (Lil Durk, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott) and Smash David (Khalid, Chris Brown, Big Sean). Pooh Beatz, the mastermind who had the summer on lock with Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin,” is also a part of the roster. 

“Winners, in business and life, aren’t afraid to face a challenge or go that extra mile,” John said of the company. “And that’s what I look for in potential clients — the originality, strategic insight, collaborative spirit and commitment that can take music to the next level.”

Along with the producers, songwriter London Jae, and rappers Sterl Gotti and YNC Cappo are also on the roster. They’re pushing beyond just a platinum record or a chart-topping hit. Instead, they’re focused on publishing and getting artists their rightful return on their creative endeavors. Be it through films, television, product ads, or airplay.

“I’m looking for individuals that have a natural hunger for the art and the business,” emphasizes Johns. “What’s the purpose of securing a major publishing or production deal if you’re not planning to expand on that opportunity, such as signing other producers, songwriters or artists? It’s about motivating and educating. I can give clients the tools but they have to do it themselves. As long as that relationship is nurtured in all aspects, you can do great business so that everyone involved becomes a winner.”

Johns company isn’t your regular publishing company. It’s pushing artists to hone into their full potential as creators while also having a deep understanding of the business side. Potential clients go through bootcamp-type sessions at the Winners Circle Publishing HQ in Atlanta that’s recently been upgraded that includes nine recording studios, a TV/film rehearsal hall, and a bunking area across 8000-square feet. 

They don’t call ’em the Winner’s Circle for nothing. 

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