Irv Gotti Gets Heated While Explaining Fallout With Dame Dash Over “Tales”


If there’s a person who knows how to ruffle a few feathers, it’s Dame Dash. The media mogul is known for speaking his mind freely, often in a brash manner, causing his antics to make headlines. Recently, a leaked video of a deposition featuring Dash circulated online, showing him berating an attorney. Later, Dash would speak about the incident, calling the lawyer corny as he explained how a set of producers tried to steal his movie.

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On a recent episode of Drink Champs, Irv Gotti spoke about his friend, who he says he loves, and why they had a falling out over Irv’s BET series Tales. According to Irv, he wanted to bring on Dame as a director for an episode. “I said, ‘Dame, you gotta listen, you gotta work with BET. I’m a boss but I have a partner.'” Irv shared. “He was asking me, ‘How much to shoot an episode?’ A million and change.” 

Dame told Irv that he’ll just make it a movie, and Irv stated he explained to Dame that all he needed was a 40-minute episode. Dame allegedly responded by saying he would do the 40-minute episode and a movie, but Irv wasn’t having it. “Everything you do has to be approved by BET and I don’t need a movie,” Irv said he explained to Dame again. “I said, ‘Dame, we’re not giving you this money to do whatever you want. You have to work with us.’ So, I was like, ‘Yo, you don’t need to do it.”

What resulted, according to Irv, was Dame deleting the Murder Inc. boss from social media and hurling insults his way. Irv believed that the conversation proved Dame was unwilling to follow the structure of command they had in place, so he dropped the idea altogether. Watch Irv get lit off the sauce in his episode of Drink Champs below and check out his story about Dame around 1:21:00. 


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