Irv Gotti Maintains That He And Ashanti Were “In Love”


A few days ago, producer slash mogul Irv Gotti came through to speak with Nore and EFN  on Drink Champs. By now, it’s no secret that Irv found himself swimming in the sauce while fielding questions about Dame Dash’s failed stint as a Tales director. If you missed it, you can check our report on that particular angle right here. Yet Nore wasn’t finished; clearly smelling alcohol-scented blood, he took a moment to inquire about Irv’s relationship with Ashanti. The mere mention of her name was enough to illicit mischevious giggles from the mogul, a sign of the tone to come.

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First off, I want to say: Ashanti, Nore just asked me a question and I’m going to answer it,” he begins. “Me and Ashanti was all love. She was Murder Inc, she was family. Ja says this a lot. He gives her an out – meaning ‘the feds was on us, you want this twenty-one year old girl to ride with you when the feds is on us? Feds got a 98 percent conviction rate.’ What I gotta say with that is like, me and Ashanti was something I never experienced before.” When Nore asks whether he means romantically or artistically, Irv responds with “Everything.”

Despite their past, he remains adamant he has not “stalked” Ashanti on the Gram, maintaining that he prefers “younger” women. “Ashanti looks great, but I don’t give a fuck. I think I’m not going to stalk her Instagram cause me and her had a real thing. We were together.” He acknowledges that Ashanti might sing a different tune on the topic, but he reiterates that he’s keeping it one hundred nonetheless. “Me and her, dare I say was in love. It was complicated. N***a I was still married!”

For more from Irv on the love that once was, check out the 1:30:00 mark of Drink Champs below. 


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