Irv Gotti Weighs In On T.I. & “The Great Hymen Debacle” Of 2019


We were so close to closing the year without having a hymen-related controversy, but as Drake once said: “God’s Plan.” By now, the fervor surrounding T.I.’s extreme overshare has reached a feverish pitch, to the point where the oft-outspoken Atlanta mogul has undergone an uncharacteristic radio silence. Yet Tip has had more than a few people speaking on his behalf, offering their thoughts on his controversial OBGYN patrol; even Planned Parenthood seems to want all the smoke. TMZ recently caught up with Irv Gotti to pick his brain on the whole mess. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

“I’m not going to judge T.I,” says Irv, after the TMZ cameraman inquires about “Hymengate.” “T.I.’s parenting is T.I.’s parenting. I don’t care…I love the shit out of my daughter. My daughter can do whatever she wants.” When the cameraman puts T.I’s vigilant behavior into perspective, Irv admits “I’m not doing that. But I’m not knocking T.I. I understand his logic and his line of thinking.” The cameraman pushes back, calling Irv’s acceptance into question. “That’s his daughter,” says Irv. “He’s going to be a father how he wants to be a father to his daughter.”

“I’m not saying that I’ll do that,” maintains Irv. “It’s his way of parenting, man.” When asked whether people will “cancel T.I.,” Irv laughs at the very prospect. “Cancel T.I!?” he says, smiling. “Let’s cancel T.I. cause he loves his daughter! He loves his daughter and wants her to stay a virgin. Let’s cancel him.”


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