Is Steve Harvey Sending A Message To Lori Harvey To Steer Clear Of Future? Watch


In the wake of the highly-speculated relationship between Future and Lori Harvey, which Future practically confirmed himself last week, Steve Harvey has yet to directly acknowledge his daughter’s potential new fling with the rapper. It was reported, though has been unconfirmed, that he and wife Marjorie actually banned Future from attending their Thanksgiving dinner, according to sources close to the family. If this is true, Steve and Marjorie are clearly not fans of Lori’s latest love interest. A video from The Steve Harvey Show that dates back to 2015 even shows Marjorie warning Lori against dating “rappers.” Though he never mentions Lori or Future in the video, this message that Steve shared on Instagram on Tuesday about “positive thinking” could be his way of addressing the situation by advising Lori to steer clear of negative forces.

“You are the captain, the master, the foreman, the general, you’re the head. Don’t give away your power to anyone, especially the devil. Do not let Satan get in your head and function because he has one mission and that’s to keep you off course and to make you think that nothing is possible… that God doesn’t hear you. You need to listen to this, stay on course,” he wrote in the caption. Is this an indirect message to his daughter advising her not to “give away her power” to bad influences like Future? The man is notorious for being a player and impregnating countless women, so Steve very well could be trying to send to make sure his daughter is keeping her head on straight. 


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