Is The Game Shading Future & Lori Harvey In This Tweet?


Future and Lori Harvey are flaunting their love all over social media, which is allowing gossip generals to breathe a major sigh of relief after they had been rumored to be dating for weeks. Bringing her on a lavish vacation for her birthday, Future is spoiling the hell out of Lori and the two have become quite the trending topic on social media and the rest of the internet. People want to know what’s happening between the two lovebirds, wondering if they’ll last or if this is just a fling for them. After moving on from Diddy and a short fling with Trey Songz, Lori Harvey has been both criticized and celebrated for her romantic history. The Game may not be referring to her and Future directly but he is critical of how rappers are “passing around” the same models, remarking so on his Twitter page.

Logging onto social media, The Game had something to get off his chest and some fans think he may be subliminally speaking about Future and Lori Harvey. That’s pure speculation for now but, as you know, the internet loves to hop onto theories, twisting them until they become but a tangled web of confusing information and unconfirmed reports. The message in question reads: “N***as out here trading girlfriends like baseball cards *coughs*.”

As you can see, Game doesn’t mention anybody by name but, if the shoe fits, wear it. People are pointing out how the timing is suspect, noting that both Future and Harvey have been around quite a bit so this could certainly apply to them. Do you think it was laced in shade?


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