Isiah Thomas Expresses Disappointment Over “Dream Team” Snub


Isiah Thomas continues to speak out about “The Last Dance” and his role in the documentary. Last night was particularly hard for Thomas as he had to relive the time he walked off the court against the Chicago Bulls after being swept, without shaking hands. In fact, it is believed that Michael Jordan felt so disrespected by this move, that he ended up making sure Thomas never got a spot on the United States Dream Team which won Olympic Gold back in 1992.

Today, Thomas spoke about not making the “Dream Team” and noted that if his actions in 1991 were truly the reason behind his Olympic snub, he is even more disappointed now. Clearly, Thomas has built up a lot of pain inside of him over these past few years, and “The Last Dance” is making him relive all of it.

“If I’m not apart of the Dream Team because of a lapse in emotion in terms of not shaking someone’s hand, if that’s the reason why I didn’t make the Dream Team, then I am more disappointed today than I was back then when I wasn’t selected,” Thomas said.

Hopefully, Thomas and Jordan can one day sit down and talk things through, man to man. The entire basketball world would benefit from some sort of reconciliation.


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