Isiah Thomas Questions Michael Jordan’s GOAT Status


There has always been a huge rivalry between the likes of Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan. The Bad Boy Pistons dominated MJ’s Bulls back in the 80s and as we all know by now, Jordan absolutely despised them. In fact, Jordan made sure Thomas didn’t get a spot on the Dream Team back in 1992, simply Thomas beat him so many times.

In a recent interview, Thomas spoke about Jordan and whether or not he could truly be called the GOAT. As Thomas explains, there are multiple players with Jordan’s athleticism in the NBA right now and that if you were to put LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the 80s, they would probably be just as, if not more dominant. 

Isiah Thomas

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“I think this generation [of players] is not getting enough credit for what they’re doing,” Thomas said. “Because the athletes that are in this generation are so far superior than what was in my generation. [When we were playing], Jordan was the best athlete that we had ever seen, [but] from an athletic standpoint, there are like 10 or 11 guys in the NBA right now with Jordan’s athleticism. We didn’t have that back then. With what [Kevin Durant] and LeBron are doing, if you put them back in the era of the ’80s, with their talent, their athleticism and their skill, who’s the GOAT?”

Thomas’s comments will certainly cause some debate in the comments section amongst LeBron and MJ stans. Regardless, it’s important to remember that we should just be happy to recognize greatness as opposed to harping on comparisons.



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