Isiah Thomas Says “The Last Dance” Treats Pistons Unfairly


Isiah Thomas continues to be a major focal point in sports coverage these days thanks to his role in “The Last Dance.” Michael Jordan hated Thomas and the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons who were constantly knocking him down and abusing him in the paint. During an episode of the documentary last night, the Pistons’ aggression was on full display and young basketball fans were beginning to understand why Jordan lost so much in his early years. In fact, fans were quite critical of the Pistons’ tactics.

Today on First Take, Thomas defended his former team and said that while he admits his team was very aggressive, you could easily say the same things about the Chicago Bulls. In fact, Thomas believes the Bulls modeled their defense after the Pistons and that’s why they won so many championships.

“It was okay when Rodman was rough … You always show [the Pistons] knocking somebody down … but you never show the other team,” Thomas said. “You make it sound like the Chicago Bulls didn’t have Charles Oakley.”

Earlier today, Thomas apologized for walking off the court without shaking hands with MJ after being swept in the 1991 playoffs. Clearly, Thomas is trying to make amends for the past while also doing right by his former teammates. Now it’s simply up to the fans to decide who is in the right here.


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