J. Cole Laughs Uproariously At An Ari Lennox Scorned


J. Cole has a striking, borderline stoic leadership presence. Yet seeing him interact with his Dreamville labelmates has shined a welcome spotlight on his sense of humor. Between being the butt of jokes on J.I.D’s “Working Out” closing skit, to being the recipient of a Cozz & Reason plotted robbery on “Lambo Truck,” to allowing himself into a reluctant smoke session on “1993,” Cole’s public image lightened up within the past few years. And now, he’s once again found himself involved in some hilarious antics, thanks to Ari Lennox’s ruthless shutdown of a Cole-hungry fan.

The video, which quickly gained traction, soon caught the eye of Cole himself. “Log in to tweet this Down bad video and this what I see,” he writes, including not one but three crying emojis for good measure. Perhaps it was Lennox’s matter-of-fact tone that did it, or the mere thought of her doing busy-work to satiate one fan’s presumably erotic fantasies. Either way, Cole enjoyed the interaction immensely and made sure to make that clear.

Clearly, the Dreamville team is strong. It’s always nice to see the camaraderie between labelmates, especially when they’re fueled by pure comedy. Look for more music from J. Cole and Ari Lennox to come, if and when that Dreamers 3 special edition sees the light of day. 

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