J. Cole Promises A New Nardwuar Interview In 2020


Nardwuar is like the unnamed entity in It Follows. No matter where you go, he’s liable to pop up unannounced. Such was indeed a reality for J. Cole, who crossed paths with the affable Canuck-that-knew-too-much during the Day N Vegas festival. Though Nardwuar certainly kept himself busy lining up interviews across the weekend festivities, he was ultimately unable to land J. Cole for an extended period of time. In fact, Cole went so far as to promise a rain-check, vowing that come 2020 he’d be discovering things about himself he doesn’t even begin to know today. 

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images 

“Next year, I got you,” promises Cole, upon greeting a conveniently stationed Human Serviette. “I already know you ready for me,” he continues with a slight smile. Nardwuar is chomping at the bit, asking whether Cole is planning on a Vancouver voyage. “Probably late next year or in 2021.”

Given everything we’ve seen emerging vis-a-vis the “J. Cole 2020” movement, it’s likely that The Fall Off will arrive next year and mark the catalyst for a North American tour. It would likely explain the specific window for Cole’s Canadian travels, as it’s likely he’ll be taking his next body of work on the road. Are you looking forward to a brand new Nardwuar and J. Cole interview? It would be their first conversation in eight years, and my, how much has changed. 

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