J.I. Channels Tony Montana On Brutally Honest “Excuse My Pain”


J.I. The Prince Of N.Y is on the come up, rapidly gaining ground in his ascent to stardom. Having studied the movements of legendary lyricists like Havoc, Prodigy, Fabolous, and Jadakiss, it’s clear that he understands the legacy of his home turf. Insofar as proverbial “kingdoms” are concerned, New York will forever shine as the birthplace of hip-hop culture. As such, the 19-year-old Prince has his work cut out for him, a journey that has recently led to the release of a brand new single called “Excuse My Pain.”

Set to appear on his upcoming project Hood Life Krisis Vol. 3, “Excuse My Pain” finds the young rapper sliding over a melancholic instrumental from Nico Chiara. “Cause I’m an evil ni*ga, I deserve to die in pain,” he muses, a moment of brutally honest self-assessment.  “And my heart so cold, I got frostbite inside my veins.” From the sound of it, J.I. has opted to detach himself from the pain he’s experienced, even if it means losing a bit of himself in the process. It’s no wonder the accompanying visuals draw inspiration from Brian De Palma’s Scarface, a film in which beloved antihero Tony Montana grapples with a similar arc. 

Check out J.I.’s Excuse My Pain now, and be sure to sound off if you’re excited for Hood Life Krisis Vol. 3. In the meantime, check out our extensive feature on J.I. right here: J.I. Reveals He Wasn’t A Jay-Z Fan Until He Picked Up The Pen Himself. 


I know it’s a cold world but I’m a colder ni*ga
Had too much conversations with the devil on my shoulder, ni*ga
This little body of mine never had a soul in it
Had trouble findin’ my heart, I move too cold with it