J. Prince Speaks Out On Recent Inmate Deaths At Mississippi Prison


Recently, Yo Gotti sent a message to Mississippi lawmakers as it was revealed that numerous inmates at Pachman Farms were being mistreated and were essentially living in squalor. Riots have taken place at the prisons and five inmates have died while two are missing. Some disturbing images have been shared from the prison and now, J. Prince has taken notice.

According to reports, the riots were caused by correctional officers who were in gangs. J. Prince is demanding a call to action from lawmakers in the state. In fact, J. Prince says he has spoken to Jay Z, Mysonne, and Yo Gotti. He is even calling this a “humanitarian crisis.”

Per J. Prince:

“I had an opportunity to speak with Jay Z, Yo Gotti, and Mysonne last week. And I assured them that they weren’t by themselves in the fight against Parchman Prison in Mississippi. I request everybody that’s somebody ride and support this movement against the humanitarian crisis that’s taking place at Parchman Prison in Mississippi. Let’s find out who the private investors are at this prison and don’t be surprised if they are the grand kids of the Klu Klux Klan. Mob Ties, let’s stand up and represent around the world. I’m going to Mississippi soon. To be continued…”

For now, it will be interesting to see if lawmakers take action. Based on J. Prince’s post, the inmates seem quite distressed and are looking for some kind of relief.

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