Ja Rule Argues If Celebrities Left Social Media, Platforms Would Fail


No charges were filed against him and he was cleared of any wrongdoing, but Ja Rule can’t seem to escape the Fyre Festival criticisms. While his former partner Billy McFarland sits behind bars, Ja has expressed interest in revamping the Fyre Festival; only this time, it would be a real concert with booked acts and edible food.

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That isn’t the only business move that the rapper has been working on, because on Tuesday he shared that he has an accounting company that helps people clean up their credit, build their credit, and complete their taxes. While this is something that he’s reportedly had going on for years, Ja couldn’t help but find himself the target of social media trolls.

In response, the rapper stated in a since-deleted tweet, “Social media is for clowns… if all the celebs left social media there would be no more social media!!!” Accomplished actress Jackée Harry replied, “If all celebs left social media who would promote fraudulent music festivals?” She wasn’t the only one to poke fun at the rapper and soon Ja found himself going back and forth with the public.

“Everyone gets on social media to follow celebs to get a glimpse of the lives you so desperately want but will probably NEVER live… 🤣” he said, adding that “Black ppl would be so f*cking strong if we stuck together support one another sh*t sad…” Ja also stated that all of the heat is free promo while also mentioning that he’s been hated on “since 03… I ain’t stop getting money yet lol I’m good!!!” Of course, he threw in a few clown gifs for good measure. Check out a few of his tweets below.

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