Ja Rule Clarifies Stance On Trump Using His App: “I Don’t Want Trump On Iconn”


After giving Donald Trump a welcoming invitation to use his app for bookings, Ja Rule is back to clarify his statements. Ja is an entrepreneur who has his hand in many bags when it comes to diversifying his portfolio, so it came as no surprise that he wants as many celebrities as possible to use his app, Iconn. The app is a booking hub for influences and famous figures, and recently, Ja told TMZ that he didn’t have an issue with Trump sharing that space—as long as the former president didn’t use the app to encourage any of his radical followers.

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People criticized Ja for for accepting Trump with open arms, and the rap mogul returned to explain his stance. After Hollywood Unlocked shared a clip of Ja’s interview, the rapper slid in the comments to address critics. “WTF IS WRONG WITH YALL??? I CAN’T STOP ANYONE FROM BEING ON MY APP,” said Ja Rule. “THAT’S DISCRIMINATION… JESUS DO I REALLY HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS.”

“I HATE Trump but I can’t stop ppl from being on my platform cause I don’t like them… That’s DISCRIMINATION,” he added in another comment. “I would get sued… much love tho.” He wasn’t quite finished, because he ended his explanation by saying he would rather the former president didn’t use his platform.

“AND FOR THE I DON’T WANT TRUMP ON ICONN NOR DOES HE NEED TO USE IT HE’S RICH,” wrote Ja. “ICONN IS FOR CONTENT CREATORS TO MAKE MONEY GET TIPS, CHARGE FOR LIVES, GET BOOKED FOR PRIVATE LIVES ETC.” This clarification only added fuel to his critics’ fire who accused the rapper of backtracking only when he got called out. Check it out below.