Ja Rule Responds To Fan Saying 50 Cent “Ended” His Career


If you look at how things have gone over the course of the last few years, Ja Rule has been mocked time and time again in the media and by fans worldwide. After the Fyre Festival debacle, he could easily have given up. Things were rough for him but he powered through, remaining positive and ensuring everybody that he’s still one of the most active businessmen in the industry. He’s been hinting at a Fyre continuation — which honestly sounds like a terrible idea — but he’s willing to give it a try. One man that will surely jump at the opportunity to clown him over a Fyre rebrand would be 50 Cent, who has been “bullying” the rapper for years. After Ja’s controversial comments about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich this week, some fans hit up the artist by saying they were glad 50 Cent “ended his career.” Ja just played along.

This morning, the Murder Inc star fired off some tweets in response to the backlash he’s received for criticizing the current Popeyes craze. The posts managed to shift in content after a while with Fif’s name getting brought up. When somebody said that this is the exact reason why 50 “bullies” Ja, the rapper replied that he’s not exactly an efficient bully. “You do know he got beat up stabbed and shot,” he reminded the fan. Then, he poked fun at himself.

“It’s been real ladies and gents I gotta go now and hand wash one of my Uber’s and get to work,” said Ja, laughing about how he’s getting dragged for “falling off.” His funniest response came when he saw somebody say they were glad 50 “ended” him. He wrote: “Me too fuck Ja Rule.”

Do you think the entrepreneur can redeem himself?

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