Ja Rule Shares Confusion With N-Word Origins & If It Means “Black” Or “Ignorant”


There have been plenty of controversies regarding the n-word that have caused the term to be placed at the front of social media conversations. There are debates over who can and cannot use it, there are fights when someone uses the slur to whi another person, but rarely has there been an epiphany like that of Ja Rule who shared with his followers that he’d finally learned with that n-word meant.

The rapper took to Twitter to share his confusion regarding the meaning of the n-word, leaving the public just as perplexed as he was. “Wow I just learned something that blew my mind my whole life I was taught the word N*gger didn’t mean black it meant ignorance but I just looked it up and it’s always meant black smh tell the kids the truth…” he wrote.

Ja later added, “I’m so confused. I need my history majors on this. If the word n*gger just means black, how did it become a derogatory term???… Is anyone else confused by this??? I was taught the word n*gger meant ignorant now I look it up it says it means black…” There were people who chimed in to give the rapper a history lesson, while there were others who thought his lack of knowledge was something to laugh about. Check out Ja’s tweets, along with a few responses, below.

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