Jacquees Is All Smiles Next To Superfan Who Tattooed His Face On Her Back


Jacquees made it very clear that once 2020 hits he’s back to “remixing everybody songs.” While we assume he’s currently whipping something up to drop soon, the self-proclaimed King of R&B has come through with a pretty impressive show-off for any artist since posting an image of a fan who got his face tattooed on her back. The portrait is accompanied by text that reads “King of R&B” making it clear that Jacquees isn’t the only one who champions his own skills. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

“I feel like that solidified me as real R&B artist for the game,” Jacquees previously told Billboard of his 4275 album that dropped in 2018. “When I say for the game, I feel like there’s two levels of the game: there’s the underground and the real side. So I was dropping stuff on the underground and 4275 was my real project on the mainstream. But we grew from there. The fans knew, “Okay, Jacquees bringing this kind of R&B back.”

He added of his R&B title: “I never felt like I OD’ed because I ain’t do shit. All I said was that I’m the king of R&B for my generation.”

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