Jadakiss’ “Huntin Season” Challenge Brings Out A Ruff Ryder


Anybody who remembers the Ruff Ryders likely remembers Drag-On, who played a pivotal role in rounding out the legendary collective’s compilation series Ryde Or Die. And while it’s been a minute since the Double R moved as a unit, it’s clear that some ties will never be unbound. Upon hearing word that Jadakiss had kicked off a “Huntin Season” challenge, which invites emcees to lay down their best verses over the haunting Ignatius banger, Drag came through to lend his voice to the cause.

 Jadakiss Drag-On Huntin Season

Brad Barket/Getty Images

“Muthafucka it’s huntin season / run up in the bank at closing time, no one’s leavin'” begins Drag, seeming right at home over the beat. “Last hater feds found him and he wasn’t breathin’ / he killed my man, we killed his bitch — we still ain’t even / been stopped shaking n***as hands, fuck a virus / been walkin’ with the hammer showin’, fuck hidin’ it / got some rudeboy Jamaicans and you lookin’ like curry to em’ / extra kick on the pump, I’ll make them bullets hurry to em’.”

Natrually, Jada was quick to share Drag’s verse on his own page, marking a mini-Ruff Ryders reunion in a sense. “Drag_on1 came through with straight fire,” captions Kiss, an allusion to his former collaborator’s status as the Opposite Of H20. Check out the verse for yourself, and sound off – who has love for Drag-On? 

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