Jaden Dresses Head To Toe In Justin Bieber’s Drew House In New Video


Justin Bieber and Jaden (Smith) go way way back. In 2011 the duo performed at the 53rd annual Grammy awards together and ever since then they’ve been running into each other purposely and accidentally and never falling on always supporting each other’s growth personally and musically. The latter proves correct since Jaden’s seen rocking Justin’s Drew House clothing line in a short video that showcases the brand’s apparel offerings. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The clip below shows Jaden dancing and moving to his single “Icon” as he’s dressed head to toe in Drew House. Justin is also featured in the clip popping wheelies on his bike. 

The co-founder of Drew House, Ryan Good, spoke with GQ at the top of the year and explained the inspiration behind Justin’s brand. 

“Of course you want to build a successful business, but at the same time, especially for [Justin], it’s just about, Let’s do something that’s fun,” Ryan explained.

“So it arrived very organically. The thought in building a brand is it could be a money pit. Of course we would have all of the resources in the world at our fingertips to figure out and build something with it, but let’s not be wasteful of it. Let’s actually operate this like we are printing T-shirts in the Valley and selling them out of our car.”

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