Jaden Is A Bad Boy For Life On “The Hottest”


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back after almost two decades with the threequel Bad Boys For Life. As expected, the movie came along with a soundtrack that is heavily hip-hop influenced. As the son of the original Bad Boy, Jaden gets a spot on the soundtrack. His single, “The Hottest,” may be the best track on the album. The instrumental is comprised of an anxious sounding synth that slithers around trap percussions. Jaden employs his cocksure flow, asserting himself as the new Bad Boy. 

Jaden is a hard artist to put in a box. He strives to sound different, but on “The Hottest” he colors in the lines. The track sounds ready cut for the radio and isn’t very experimental, which is a step away from the music we’ve been getting from Jaden lately. The single would hit heavy in the club, but it also makes for that perfect work out music. 

Quotable Lyrics
And the spot is by the beach
Pull up in that eco friendly, and I don’t wanna preach
Got the twins with me, had to give ’em 50 each
Homie told me if I pull up, that I might end up deceased
Let me think, that shit was a reach (Facts)
I’m done with the talkin’, I just gotta let ’em see (Oh) 

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