Jae Stephens Arrives On “f**k it i’ll do it myself” EP


 Jae Stephens has returned to deliver on a new six-track EP, her debut f**k it i’ll do it myself effort. It finds the multihyphenate flexing her skill in crafting contemporary R&B and Pop crossover selections, creating a unique sound that sets the young upstart apart.

“In the beginning, I was kinda forced. I had stopped producing to focus on writing because I reached a point where I felt all of my best songs were coming out of collaborations with amazing producers that I could never compete with as a producer myself,” Stephens tells OnesToWatch of the process that led to her newest EP. “My manager and publisher asked me to give it another go and I totally did not want to. The first songs I released from the EP were done out of spite, because I literally threw things into my computer and sent them off like, “Here, since you keep asking.” Later on, as it became a proper project, I gained a bit more confidence in the fact that maybe I didn’t need to wait on a producer all the time in order to release music, which was an exciting revelation.”

Listen to f**k it i’ll do it myself below.

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