Jake Paul Calls Out Conor McGregor


Jake Paul is one of the most hated YouTubers on the entire planet although that hasn’t stopped him from doing his thing and making people even angrier. On Saturday, Paul had the whole world against him as he stepped in the ring against former NBA players Nate Robinson. While many were hoping for Robinson to win, it was ultimately Paul who stole the show as he viciously delivered a knockout blow in the second round.

Immediately after the fight, Paul was feeling himself and noted that there is a whole list of people he is looking to fight next. Among those people are YouTuber KSI and even MMA legend Conor McGregor. As Paul notes, he wants to make a career out of boxing and that Robinson is just a stepping stone to something bigger.

“I have a list of people,” Paul said. “I’m the one also pushing that narrative. I want to keep fighting. I want to stay active. I want to bring MMA fighters into the boxing ring. I mean Conor McGregor’s the only fighter from MMA really that’s stepped into the boxing ring. So I want to take these other people, who are talking sh*t already to me on Twitter, and bring them into the boxing ring. I want to beat professional fighters that way.”

At this point, a fight against McGregor is unlikely, although it’s certainly something we would like to see, simply because it would lead to some incredible hype, and probably some better memes.