Jake Paul “Categorically Denies” Sexual Assault Allegations From Justine Paradise


YouTuber-turned-professional boxer Jake Paul is facing serious accusations after a TikTok star has accused him of sexual assault. The controversial internet figure is known for his trolling and often outlandish behavior, but a young woman named Justine Paradise shared a lengthy video last week detailing what she alleges was her experience with Paul back in 2019.

In the 20-minute video, Justine claims that she had met Paul on multiple occasions at a Los Angeles mansion dubbed the “Team 10 House.” Many of these lavish homes are often rented to a dozen or more social media stars who create content and host parties. Justine states that it was on July 20, 2019, when she was at the home with Paul and she alleges that she told him she didn’t want to do anything more than just kissing.

However, Justine accuses Jake Paul of forcing her to have oral sex. She claims that she didn’t come forward sooner because she believed that signing a non-disclosure agreement legally kept her from speaking about the alleged assault. Paul has released a statement via his rep where he “categorically denies the allegation” and says he will look into taking legal action against Paradise if necessary.

The fighter also took to social media with a post where he says he has respect for women and once again denies assaulting Paradise. “I will fight to the end to prove my innocence,” Paul writes. He adds that he never had a sexual relationship with Paradise. “Sexual assault accusations aren’t something that I, or anyone should ever take lightly, but to be crystal clear, this claim made against me is 100% false.”

Read through Paul’s post in its entirety and watch Paradise’s video below.