Jake Paul Gets Called Out For Trying To Act Like Conor McGregor


Jake Paul is a controversial figure when it comes to YouTube and boxing. For many professional fighters, Paul has no business being in the boxing ring and they even feel like he is doing the sport a disservice. There are various other people out there who think Paul has earned his spot in the ring and that he actually has quite a bit of talent that could take him far if he sticks with it. On Saturday, he will have his toughest test yet as he goes up against Ben Askren in a match that will determine how serious he actually is.

Yesterday, the weigh-in took place in Atlanta and as one can imagine, Paul appeared to be in great shape. However, it was his antics that stole the show as it was fairly obvious to everyone that he was trying to act like Conor McGregor the whole time.

Jake Paul

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

From his poses to his facial expressions, Paul was doing everything that McGregor would during a weigh-in. The two are both controversial and it’s clear that Paul wants people to think of him when they also think of Conor. Of course, MMA and boxing fans took exception to this, as Paul was roasted for what he tried to pull off.

Regardless, Paul comes into this fight as the favorite, and it should prove to be a compelling fight.