Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Odds May Surprise Some People


Jake Paul and Ben Askren will be taking part in a boxing match on Saturday night and many MMA fans are interested in seeing how this all plays out. Of course, Askren was in the UFC not too long ago all while Paul has had an impressive start to his boxing career despite fighting against some inexperienced opponents. For the first time, Paul will be thoroughly challenged and fans are excited to see what he can do in the ring.

Many people will be looking to bet on the fight and according to MyBookie, the odds may very well come as a surprise to you. As it stands, Paul is the favorite in the vast majority of prop bets and as for the fight itself, he sits at -135 while Askren is +115. Sure, they may not be far apart but for now, oddsmakers are giving this one to Jake.

Jake Paul

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Both Paul and Askren have got at each other’s necks over the past few weeks leading up to the fight and the animosity will make the match that much better once Saturday night comes around. Fans have been looking forward to some prime entertainment and if this is half as good as the Nate Robinson fight, then it will be a success.

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Ben Askren

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