James Harden Mirrors KD By Responding To Angry Fan On Twitter


James Harden won MVP two seasons ago and was a frontrunner to win it again last season. He is the most prolific scorer in the league right now and thanks to his partnership with Russell Westbrook, fans believe the Rockets will be a favorite to win it all this season. While this may be the case, there is no doubt that Harden has had his fair share of struggles this season. The former MVP is known as a ball-dominant player who likes to take as many shots as humanly possible. Sometimes, this doesn’t exactly lead to a great shooting percentage and Harden has fallen victim to this.

In a recent Twitter exchange, a fan got on Harden’s case about how many shots he has been missing and instead of ignoring it, Harden actually replied. The back and forth was pretty civil with Harden taking a more generous approach. Instead of getting angry, Harden kept his cool and offered a nice explanation for his game.

Harden’s approach to dealing with fan slander is quite different than that of his former teammate Kevin Durant, who is known for clapping back on social media. Durant seems hellbent on proving every single wrong, while Harden sympathizes with the concern of his supporters.

Either way, it’s good that Harden is well aware of his shortcomings this season as he is looking for ways to fix them.

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