Janet Jackson Gets Mistaken For Ariana Grande By Mocked “Jeopardy!” Contestant


The Internet is shaming a recent Jeopardy! contestant who answered “Ariana Grande” to a question (that included visual aid in the form of a performance video) about Janet Jackson. Competing on a game show like Jeopardy! can be a very high stress situation, and often, the highly skilled and prepared contestants will trust their vast knowledge and go with their gut instinct. However, spitting out the first answer that comes to mind doesn’t always work out. That was unfortunately the case for Alwin Hui, a D.C. native who recently participated in an episode of Jeopardy! and monumentally f*cked up in the eyes of the Internet.

janet jackson ariana grande mistake jeaopardy contestant mock shameKevin Winter/Getty Images

During one of the rounds, host Alex Trebek read aloud the clue: “As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took ‘Control’ and took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.” The question even included footage of the correct artist performing her hit song, “Nasty Boys,” during the 2018 Billboard Awards, where she was honoured with the award in question. However, it looks like Alwin was more focused on the performer’s ponytail and thigh high boots, because instead of giving the correct answer—Janet Jackson—he opted for “who is Ariana Grande.”

Now, granted, Janet was donning a very Ariana-esque outfit and hairstyle, but there are too many obvious indicators that Ms. Grande was definitely not the correct answer. For one, the 25-year-old hasn’t even been in the music industry for a decade, let alone taking a ten-year hiatus from television performances, and two, she’s (despite her excessive tanning) definitely white.

janet jackson ariana grande mistake jeaopardy contestant mock shameKevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Poor Alwin was promptly roasted all over Twitter, as folks expressed their outrage that, although both talented, someone with a decades-spanning career like Janet’s would be mistaken for a relatively new popstar.


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