Jared Dudley Delivers LeBron James & Anthony Davis Return Timelines


Jared Dudley is a man who is well-connected considering he gets to play on the Los Angeles Lakers. He is always informed on what is happening with the team’s biggest stars, and with the Los Angeles Lakers missing Anthony Davis and LeBron James right now, it is more important than ever to know what’s happening with their health.

During a recent interview, Dudley actually divulged some crucial information. In fact, it seems as though Anthony Davis is about two weeks from returning to the Lakers, while LeBron is about three to four weeks out. This is great news for the team, especially since they have been struggling a bit ever since both players were taken out of the lineup.

“AD is coming along, he’s on the court and doing definitely his little workouts, his calves,” Dudley said. “I’m in the weight room with him. He’s gonna be getting on the floor more this week, he’s gonna do about 30 minutes non-stop. He’s gonna get to playing here shortly and so give him a couple more weeks.”

The Lakers have slid back a bit in the Western Conference standings although once LeBron and AD return, it is safe to assume they will creep back into the top three spots. If you’re a Lakers fan, that’s all you can ask for right now.


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images